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How We Make Money

In addition to display advertising, Chalk & Clay makes money through sponsored links (sometimes called affiliate links or associate links).

These links take you from our website to the website of a third-party merchant (like Amazon), where you may choose to purchase a product or service.

We may earn a referral commission when you click a link on our website and complete a purchase.

You do not pay more money when you click a sponsored link. The price is the same whether you visit a merchant via a sponsored link or go to their website directly. 

Key Facts About Our Sponsored Links

Advertisers have no influence or control over any aspect of our editorial content. We write about products and services as we see fit, even when that results in a negative evaluation.

Products with sponsored links are not given preferential treatment in our “best of” lists. We aim to publish the most accurate, helpful information possible and do not rank list items higher or low based on whether we have a sponsored link to that product.

We do not publish sponsored content. Everything we publish is produced by our team and adheres to our in-house editorial guidelines. Third parties cannot pay us to publish articles or to place specific wording within our content.

How Sponsored Links Are Tracked

We do not track your data when you click sponsored links, but certain affiliates may use cookies or other methods to track your actions on their website.

You can learn more about what information we may collect when you use our website on our privacy policy page.

Affiliate Disclaimer

We may receive a commission if you click on a link from our site and then purchase an item, including links to Amazon items. Learn more about how we make money.