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The 10 Best Baseball Batting Gloves: Our Top Picks For 2024

The CFX Pro is still our top pick, but this year’s list includes excellent new gloves from Lizard Skins and Bruce Bolt. Plus, we ordered five pairs of Franklin’s “mystery gloves” to see how good the deal actually is.

The Best Batting Gloves of 2023

We tested dozens of batting gloves to find the best options based on factors including fit, grip, bat feel, material quality, durability, breathability and price.

Our top picks are:

#1. Franklin CFX Pro (Best Overall)
#2. Marucci Luxe (Best Premium Option)
#3. Lizard Skins Pro Knit V3 (Most Comfortable)
#4. Under Armour Harper Hustle
#5. Mizuno B-303
#6. Bruce Bolt Gold Series
#7. Franklin 2nd-Skinz (Best for Youth Players)
#8. Rawlings Remix (Best for T-Ball and Coach-Pitch Players)
#9. Rawlings Workhorse (Most Durable Adult Batting Gloves)
#10: Franklin MLB Mystery Batting Gloves (Best Value)

Note that most of the batting gloves on this list are around the $45 (per pair) price point. While there are less expensive options available, we have not found any with an MSRP of less than $30 that we feel comfortable recommending, as most of the cheaper options on the market either have major durability issues or offer mediocre to poor performance.

#1. Franklin CFX Pro

Why we ranked it #1: The palm and fingers are made from soft, textured sheepskin leather that provides ample grip without being too tacky on the bat, while the back of the gloves are made from synthetic material that is designed to flex with the hand as it moves. No other glove on the market offers the same combination of high-quality materials, performance and price.

Picture of the front and back of the Franklin CFX Pro baseball batting gloves (2023 model) in white.
  • Performs well in all weather conditions, with sufficient breathability to prevent sweat buildup.
  • Offers outstanding material quality at a mid-range price point.
  • Unlike many competing models, the back of the gloves have limited embossing (making these a comfortable option for wearing under a fielding glove).
  • Not the most durable batting gloves available (expect to replace them once during your season).
  • The leather is relatively thin and stretches with use.
  • They don’t have the most conforming fit, which means that some players may have hands that are between sizes.

Key product details:

  • Materials: Sheepskin leather, synthetic materials.
  • Colors: Dozens of color combinations.
  • Sizes: Youth XXS – Adult XXL.
  • Average price: $34.99.

Get the Franklin CFX Pro on Amazon.

Get the CFX Pro on Franklin’s website.

#2. Marucci Luxe

Why we ranked it #2: The Luxe features premium sheepskin on both the front (grip surface) and back of the glove, as well as a full wrap-around elastic wristband — padded with neoprene — that makes it easy to get the exact fit you’re looking for. They’re super comfortable, but at an MSRP of nearly $80, they’re twice the price of the Franklin CFX Pro.

  • The ultra-premium materials provide unmatched comfort and fit.
  • Perforations on the back of the glove offer plenty of breathability.
  • The wrap-around wrist closure is the most secure and adjustable among the gloves we tested.
  • The leather is non-textured, and provides slightly less grip than other models (especially in wet conditions).
  • The embossed lettering on the back panel makes these less than ideal for using under a fielding glove.
  • The premium materials come at a very high price point.

Key product details:

  • Materials: Cabretta sheepskin on the palm and back, with synthetic materials elsewhere.
  • Colors: White, gray/black.
  • Sizes: Adult small through XXL. The Luxe is not offered in youth sizes.
  • Average price: $79.99.

Get the Marucci Luxe on Amazon.

Get the Luxe on Marucci’s website.

#3. Lizard Skins Pro Knit V3

Why we ranked it #3: A new addition to our list for 2024, the Pro Knit line is the first batting glove made with a knitted (fabric) back, as opposed to leather or leather-like synthetic materials. It’s a game-changing design that delivers extreme comfort due to its flexible, form-fitting nature.

At the same time, while the unique knit construction are these gloves’ main selling point, we also love that they feature a best-in-class textured sheepskin palm and finger surface that provides an exceptional combination of grip and feel.

Lizard Skins Pro Knit V3 Batting Gloves.
  • Has both an interior seam lining and a seamless back.
  • The flexible knit material allows for extreme ventilation.
  • The updated V3 features a slightly bigger strap for a more secure fit than previous models.
  • The knit material doesn’t handle sweat as well as some other synthetic backings.
  • The embossed back logo is bulkier and more rigid than we would like. (We preferred the softer logo on the V2.)

Key product details:

  • Materials: Sheepskin on the palm and fingers, Pro Knit fabric elsewhere.
  • Colors: Black, blue, gray, navy, red and white.
  • Sizes: Adult XS through XXL. The Pro Knit V3 is not offered in youth sizes.
  • Average price: $59.99.

The Pro Knit V3 is not currently available on the Lizard Skins Amazon store.

Get the Pro Knit V3 on the Lizard Skins website.

Note: The Pro Knit V2 is marked down to $24.99 on the Lizard Skins website, though only limited sizes are still available.

#4. Under Armour Harper Hustle (2023 Model)

Why we ranked it #4: Features a textured synthetic palm and fingers that offer excellent grip while being significantly more durable than genuine leather, though this durability comes at the cost of a slightly less natural feel on the bat. The premium-quality material conforms to your hand and stretches with movement, and the updated Velcro closure is much more secure than previous years’ models.

The Harper Hustle’s combination of performance and durability makes it our choice for the best batting gloves when you’re on a budget.

  • Has the best synthetic leather grip out of any of the gloves we tested.
  • Offers above-average durability.
  • The new model (released in 2023) features a stylish two-tone design.
  • Players note that the sizing is inconsistent and tends to run small.
  • The neoprene wrist strap is comfortable but adds bulk.
  • Only a few color combinations are available.

Key product details:

  • Materials: Fully synthetic.
  • Colors: Black/red, white/red and royal/silver.
  • Sizes: Kids’ small through large; men’s small through XXL.
  • Average price: $40 for men’s and $35 for kids’.

Note: As of July 2023, Under Armor has confirmed that the Harper Hustle has been discontinued and is no longer available on the UA website. They’re still available on Amazon in most sizes (see the link below), so we’re keeping them on this list until that stock runs out.

Get the Harper Hustle 2023 model on Amazon.

#5. Mizuno B-303

Why we ranked it #5: Mizuno’s B-303 is offered in both a standard version and a pro version. The pro version offers a good combination of material quality and performance, with a unique double-layer leather grip area that makes it the most durable of any genuine-leather glove we tested. However, the durability comes at the cost of added thickness, which makes this glove bulkier and hotter than other options (while also reducing bat feel).

The pro version also has smooth leather (rather than an embossed or textured surface), which is not our preference. But in our testing, we found the grip to be sufficient (though it’s worth noting that we didn’t have a chance to test these gloves in the rain). The standard version (which retails for $20 less) features textured leather, but players report serious durability issues.

Mizuno B-303 Pro Batting Gloves
  • The pro version is the most durable genuine leather glove available.
  • The very low-profile embossing makes this one of our favorites for use inside a fielding glove.
  • The angled wrist closure is the least secure of any option on this list (we were constantly adjusting it).
  • The fingers are cut wide, so players with small hands may have trouble with the fit.

Key product details:

  • Materials: Genuine leather grip area, with synthetic materials elsewhere.
  • Colors: Black and white (pro), many colors (standard and youth versions).
  • Sizes: T-ball through adult XXL.
  • Average price: $40 for youth and adult standard, $60 for adult pro. (The pro version is not offered in youth sizes.)

Get the Mizuno B-303 on Amazon: Pro Version, Standard Version (youth and adult sizes are both available on these pages).

Get the B-303 on Mizuno’s website: Pro Version, Standard Version, Youth Version.

#6. Bruce Bolt Gold Series

Why we ranked it #6: There’s no denying that this much-buzzed-about company (founded by then 16-year-old Bear Mayer) produces some of the highest quality batting gloves available. The question is whether they’re worth the extremely high price point. At $125 for adult sizes of the short cuff version and an astonishing $150 for the long cuff version, the Gold Series is four times as expensive as our top pick (the Franklin CFX Pro) and nearly twice as expensive as our premium upgrade pick (the Marucci Luxe).

Let’s be clear: you will not get 200% to 400% more performance or durability from the Bruce Bolt Gold Series. But if you have the money to spend and you’re looking for the best overall materials and craftsmanship on the market, the Gold Series’ are in a league of their own.

  • Thick, top-quality (buttery soft) cabretta leather construction.
  • Reinforced palm for durability.
  • Wide cuff with secure closer that keeps the gloves in place without the need for readjustment.
  • Exceptionally high price point.
  • We prefer textured contact surfaces.
  • The significantly-reinforced palm and thumb crease create an uneven contact surface.
  • Poor ventilation, especially given the price point.

Are Bruce Bolts worth the high price? In our opinion, they offer primarily cosmetic and comfort advantages when compared to the other options on this list. They fit and feel exceptional on your hands, and they certainly add flair to your on-field look. But they also come with significant downsides, including poor temperature regulation (we hated using them in the heat) and a contact surface that is so thick it reduces bat feel.

Key product details:

  • Materials: Full 1.2-millimeter cabretta leather construction (front and back), with synthetic materials at the flex points (i.e., the knuckles).
  • Colors: White, gold and black.
  • Sizes: Youth small through adult XL. Women’s sizings are also available.
  • Average price: $115 for youth sizes, $125 for adult sizes.

The Gold Series is not currently available in Bruce Bolt’s Amazon store.

Get the Gold Series on Bruce Bolt’s website.

Other Options Worth Considering

  • #7. Franklin 2nd-Skinz (Amazon/Franklin). The synthetic grip area comes close to matching the feel of Franklin CFX Pro’s genuine sheepskin at half the price (while also featuring substantially better durability). At the same time, these gloves have a significantly less comfortable fit; they’re not crafted from premium materials, and you can feel it. With that in mind, we think their low price point and relatively good performance makes them an ideal choice for Little League players.
  • #8. Rawlings Remix (Amazon/Not available on Rawlings’ website). As with the Franklin 2nd-Skinz, the overall quality of these gloves is nowhere near that of the other options on this list. However, the Rawlings Remix are one of the only gloves we found that are specifically designed to fit the hands of t-ball and coach pitch players (as opposed to just being downsized versions of the standard model). This makes them a good choice for kids aged seven and younger.
  • #9. Rawlings Workhorse (Amazon/Rawlings). If you’re looking for a batting glove that will last a whole season or more, the Rawlings Workhorse is hard to beat. It features thick leather on the grip surface that is specifically designed to hold up well over the course of a season, as well as a reinforced palm area (that also helps protect against shock and rubbing). Of course, this durability comes at the cost of bat feel; these gloves are thick, bulky and hot (thanks in part to a serious lack of ventilation).

#10. Franklin MLB Mystery Batting Gloves

If you’re not picky about colors, this limited-stock deal from Franklin offers unbelievable value for the money. For $14.99 (youth) or $19.99 (adult) plus shipping, you’ll get a random pair of one of the following models: CFX Pro ($34.99), Powerstrap ($44.99), Pro Classic ($34.99), Natural II ($39.99) or Neo Classic ($19.99).

While the offer price is the same as the retail price of the Neo Classics, we’ve ordered numerous pairs through this promotion and have never received that model. Plus, your order is returnable if you’re not happy with what you receive.

While preparing the 2024 update to this article, we ordered five pairs for a total cost of $111.25 with tax and shipping. We received the gloves shown in the photo above, which are:

  • CFX Pro in red, white and blue ($34.99)
  • CFX Pro Mother’s Day version in hot pink ($39.99)
  • Pro Classic Gold in black and gold ($39.99)
  • Pro Classic Gold in white and gold ($39.99)
  • Pro Classic in pink, lime green, etc. ($34.99)

The total retail value of the gloves we received was $189.95, so we saved $78.70 (41.4%).

  • Most customers report getting CFX Pros, which is our #1 ranked glove.
  • Outstanding value for your money.
  • Returnable if you’re not happy with what you receive.
  • You have the possibility of getting Neo Classics, which aren’t high-quality gloves.
  • You don’t get to pick your colors or specific model.
  • You do have to pay for return shipping if you decide to send them back.

In terms of quality, you can’t go wrong with four of the five possible gloves offered in this promotion. The only one we wouldn’t recommend is the Neo Classic, which is a lower-end model without much to offer in terms of durability or feel. (They feel plasticky on hand.)

That said, if you’re someone who goes through multiple pairs of batting gloves per season, or like to use different gloves in practice and games — and you don’t care what color you use in practice — this deal offers potential savings of 40% or more.

This offer is only available directly from Franklin.

We’re always testing new gloves and updating this list, so please tell us about your recommendations and experience in the comments section below.

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Jim Malec is the founder and editor of Chalk and Clay. A DC-based writer, editor and content strategist, he has more than two decades of baseball coaching experience at levels ranging from t-ball to semi-pro. He can be reached by email at [email protected].

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